Santa Barbara Wineries, Wine Tours, and Tasting Rooms
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Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara's Wine Country

More than 21,000 acres of Santa Barbara and its surrounding communities are now planted in wine vineyards, and most of the wineries and vineyards of the region are family owned and operated ventures.

Santa Barbara County has been known for its fine grapes since the early 1960s when the first of the modern vineyards were planted in Santa Maria Valley.

Most of Santa Barbara County’s grapes are grown in the Santa Maria Valley and Santa Ynez Valley - this is Santa Barbara’s Wine Country. There are more than 100 wineries and vineyards in this region, and they produce a total of more than one million cases of wine each year including many high quality estate wines. 

The total value produced by Santa Barbara’s wine country exceeds $150 million, making grapes the region’s third most economically important crop. 

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When you are touring Santa Barbara’s wine country you can also enjoy art galleries, quaint country inns, sumptuous dining, and well-appointed tasting rooms staffed with some very friendly folks who also happen to be experts in wine growing, making, tasting, and all of the aspects of the craft.

The diversity and expertise in Santa Barbara’s wine regions are exemplary and continue to improve each year as the best talent in wine-making works to produce the finest vintage wines.

People of southern California, and indeed people from all over the world have been discovering Santa Barbara’s wine country. Santa Barbara is already known as one of the most beautiful cities anywhere, with a vibrant populace and amazing scenery from mountains to ocean to islands. The scenic vineyards and rolling hills of the wine country host a panoply of charming wineries and elegant tasting rooms that allow visitors not only to experience the fruits of the land but also to learn about the art and science of winemaking and cultivating the grape vines.

  • Santa Barbara Wine - Enjoy Wine Tasting Santa Barbara style in Santa Barbara Wine Country. 

Driving through Santa Barbara’s wine country is a majestic experience that takes you past meadows and hillsides colored with beautiful wildflowers as well as vast forests of oak trees and native flora including beautiful wildflowers changing with each season.

Visit Santa Barbara Wineries - Enjoy Wine Tasting in a Santa Barbara Winery.

Touring Santa Barbara’s wine country is a great way to spend a weekend including wonderful and leisurely drives across the picturesque California countryside. Adding to this natural beauty are the lovely vineyards all so meticulously and carefully cultivated by the farmers who are seriously dedicated to their craft.

Many of the vineyards also offers tours of the grounds that take you deeper into the craft of farming the finest grapes that go into Santa Barbara’s world class wines--from the harvest during the fall season, into the winter when pruning takes place, then spring when buds appear, and summer when the canopy is meticulously managed to optimize the harvest.

  • Visit a Santa Barbara Winery to experience the beautiful scenic country, lovely vineyards, and enjoy Santa Barbara Wine Tasting.

Santa Barbara Wine Tours - Plenty of reliable companies are available to take you on a safe and fun Santa Barbara Wine Tour. Leave the driving to others and enjoy the Santa Barbara Wines.

Wine-Growing Areas

The geology of the region has created unique east-west oriented (transverse) mountain ranges, cool nights and warm days that prolong the growing season to optimize growth, and loamy clay soils with excellent drainage - these factors combine to produce ultra-premium grapes that are made into well respected wines, some of them achieving recognition along with the world’s very best wines.

The region’s proximity to the sea provides a cooling effect. Morning fogs burn off by midday, giving way to bright sunshine. By early afternoon the winds arrive, again providing a cooling effect.

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The various valleys and hillsides within Santa Barbara’s wine country provide a range of soil types and vary also in their exposure to the sun, fogs, and winds. The result is a multitude of microclimates and unique growing areas that are optimally suited for growing the various different premium grape varietals, each of which responds best to specific conditions that are found in these different wine growing areas.

 As the different viticultural regions of Santa Barbara wine country have been discovered and analyzed over the last few decades, state-of-the-art wine growing techniques have been applied in particular areas to optimize the sites for the production of very specific varietals ideally suited for each area.

Santa Barbara Wine - Enjoy the finest Wine Santa Barbara produces!

The Wine Growing and Wine Making Community

Various groups are associated with Santa Barbara’s Wine Country and Vineyards including the Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Association, the Santa Barbara Wine Club.


Two great Wine Festivals allow you to sample and purchase the many award-winning wines produced in Santa Barbara County’s numerous valleys along with the excellent wines being created by some up and coming Santa Barbara vinters.

Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Festival

The Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Festival features top quality wine and food as well as great entertainment. The popular white-tent event is sold out every year so plan early if you want to attend this celebration of Santa Barbara wines. The 2011 Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Festival will take place on April 16 from 1 pm to 4 pm at River Park in Lompoc.

This is a classy, upscale festival and while casual attire is certainly allowed you will also see some formal attire at the increasingly prestigious wine event. The festival is sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Association.

The Santa Barbara County Vinter’s Wine Festival is held in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the heart of Santa Barbara Wine Country and features an array of exceptional local wines

Arrayed over several green and spacious acres there are many booths to allow everyone to sample the fine wines and talk to the winemakers. You can also enjoy some very tasty food from many local restaurants and live music provides wonderful entertainment.

 Santa Barbara Wine Festival

The annual Santa Barbara Wine Festival is held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History which is located at 2559 Puesta del Sol Road in Santa Barbara. The setting along Mission Creeks is wonderful and wines are featured from seventy-five of the finest wineries on the Central Coast. There is also an array of sumptuous foods.

Proceeds of the Santa Barbara Wine Festival go to benefit the Museum of Natural History.

The 2011 Santa Barbara Wine Festival will take place on June 25 from 2pm to 5pm.

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